Do it RIGHT.. the First time!

It takes a thoughtfully designed strategy to develop an effective communication program and create an impactful brand environment that defines, inspires and engages consumers. Branding is something you should be focusing on even when you have just put the business plan together.

The best way to do it is to do it right the first time. A shot in the wrong direction can take the entire brand for a toss!!!

It’s like laying the basic foundation of a company. Here a few pointers you need to keep in mind before you kick start.

1. Stay classic

Classic doesn’t mean boring. It means foregoing trends in many area s such as in favour of traditional fonts, colours with staying power (such as neutrals or primary colours) and being able to see the branding effective for decades to come. That’s the goal, right?

2. Match the branding to the company ethos

This seems obvious, but everyone has seen a logo that just doesn’t align with what the company does. Let your mission statement and business plan lead the way. If your company is an exotic food business in the state of Goa, make sure that enthusiasm shows through the branding.

3. Multiplatform is the key

Your branding and logo is going to appear in print, on smartphones, on billboards and in low quality newspapers. You want it to have the same appeal across platforms, right?  Thus your identity should be clear enough to not get “lost,” regardless of platform.

4. Minimalistic works

Stick to no more than two colours. Black and white don’t count, but beyond them only go for one or two additional colours. Anything else is overkill. You may play with a few shades of the same colour. But always have single colour version of your logo. This will reflect on the pricing , specially when you go for screen printed T-shirts and stationery.

This goes for font choice, colour, actual number of lines and everything else. Take a look at the branding from some of the largest companies such as Subway, Flipkart, Amazon. They’re actually minimal, easy to recognize, and clean.

5. Tag line to the minimum words

McDonald’s, “I’m loving it,” has the less is more principle. Sometimes it’s necessary in order to make it clear what your company does. None the less,  keep it short.

6.  Put some of “you” in there

If it’s your company, you deserve to have a little “you” in there. Maybe you adore a certain font, elephants, or your favourite colour is a very specific olive green. Wherever possible, let there be a little reflection of yourself.


Most importantly, hire a reputable marketing/graphic design team to help you. I also like to make sure you have clean URL’s.  This is the face of your business and you don’t want it in the hands of an unexperienced.



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